If you ended up on this page you are probably interested in what it takes to become a patroller.  While the basic process is the same for skiers, boarders and nordics, each patrol has variations to fit their specific needs.

The first step is completion of Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC).  OEC is a nationally credentialed emergency care course that will teach you how to handle emergencies,  illnesses and injuries, in the non-urban setting. Depending on the patrol, OEC classes may be held in the summer, fall or during the ski season.  The cost for the class is approximately $200 and includes registration, books and dues.

Upon successful completion of the OEC course, you will be an Auxiliary patroller.  As an Auxiliary patroller, you will be able to perform most patrol duties.  The exception is transportation of injured guests.  You will be provided with the ski training you need so that you will have the skills to safely transport an injured guest.  When an Auxiliary patroller successfully demonstrates these skills, s/he becomes a Basic patroller.

Still interested?  Once you become a Basic patroller,  you will need to purchase a uniform.  The cost can run from approximately $150 and up depending patrol requirements and your preferences.

Okay, you are probably thinking that's a lot of time and money commitment.  Sure is, but let's talk about benefits. NSP is a great volunteer organization that allows many opportunities for personal growth.  Once you become a basic patroller there are several ongoing classes offered to improve your first aid skills, teaching skills or skiing skills.  Also, it is possible to cross disciplines and patrol as both a Nordic and an Alpine patroller for instance.  In addition, after meeting your patrol shift requirements, many areas will give your family free ski passes or a limited number of day passes to give to your friends.  Other benefits usually include free or discounted meals while on duty.  Depending on the ski area, free or discounted lodging may be available. There may be more benefits depending on the area's policies.

Interested in hearing the requirements and benefits from specific patrols in Southern Region?  Contact the Patrol Representative at your local ski area.

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